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To some people the task of interior house painting is just a job. As strange as it may seem, for me it was more of a calling. In my younger years, I would walk into someone’s home and visualize what could be instead of what was. Once I began making my visions a reality by taking on interior painting as my profession, I gained a great sense of accomplishment and pride with the finalization of each new project.

I believe my passion for what I do is the the reason my customers are so happy with my work; Organization, speed with precision and the ability to tackle the impossible have all come naturally to me. One of my clients told another person, as they were admiring my paint job in her 3-story stairwell, “when you think it’s impossible … just call Linda”. I see the tough jobs as a welcome challenge. 

My clients and colleagues razz me about being impeccable, in both the work place and in my splatter-free personal state. I was told I could paint in a 3-piece suit, go out on the town afterwards … and no one would be the wiser. I must admit it’s true.

The fact is people find working with me comfortable and secure on many levels. I understand completely the inconvenience the homeowner is up against when they decide to have their homes painted. Therefore, I come in with my tried and true “Linda method” and before you know it, the job is complete; the family is back to their normal routine, with one exception, they are living in freshly painted surroundings. What a pleasure!

Besides interior painting, which satisfies my desire to beautify people’s homes, I also have the need to spend part of my work schedule out-of-doors. I offer yard maintenance and snow plowing services. It has been a great combination for me for the last 25 years, and I’m looking forward to the next 25; working with great customers who are always trying
     to feed me for some reason! Yes, it has also been a lot of
        laughs … you’ll see.
Passion, skill, humor and the best customers...
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